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CG Traduction  & Interprétation : notable customers

CG’s customer base has continued to grow, diversify and strengthen since 1981. CG has lost few customers over the years.


CG was quick to position itself on the interpreting and translation market as a service provider offering outstanding quality. 

CG’s long-standing customers and major French groups (e.g. Air France, AXA, Thales, PSA, Michelin, Louis Vuitton and Chaumet) have been working with CG for over 30 years.

CG has become the leader in interpreting assignments (CG boasts recognised expertise, with over 2,000 days of interpreting a year in France) and offers all of the services needed for an outstanding professional service:

While CG started out working in non-specialised and technical translation, the company is now specialised in legal translation (CG works with almost all major legal institutions in France such as AXA, CSN and McKinsey), financial translation (CG provides high-level translations to banks as well as financial bodies and stock exchange operators active both in France and in Europe) and corporate translation with a specific institutional and editorial focus.

Take a look at our references, which include major groups (SNCF, Renault, GDF), house-hold brands (Lesieur, Danone, Coca-Cola) and major institutions (AFNOR, Mairie de Paris, MEDEF).