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A network of prestigious partners

Organisations for translation companies, translators and interpreters

  • CNETCNET (Chambre Nationale des Entreprises
    de Traduction)
    is a professional organisation which was set up in 1976 by several translation company managers with a view
    to promoting the image of the profession. It aims to acknowledge and advocate the interests of translation companies, which are now
    considered to be responsible and vibrant economic entities playing a crucial role in society. As a member of the CNET for going on 20 years, CG was at the helm of the association for a six-year period, acting as president.
  • EUATCEUATC (European Union of Associations
    of Translation Companies)
    is the only organisation which represents translation companies across Europe. Founded in 1994, its membership comprises national associations of translation companies from many European countries.CG has been acting as Vice-President and representing CNET and France since 2010.
  • ATA CG is also a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). ATA is the largest association of translators and translation companies in the United States.

Translation and Interpreting Schools

  • École de Traduction et d’Interprétation (ETI)ETI forms part of the University of Geneva. Today, ETI has 450 students and over 100 teachers.
  • Apart from teaching translation (general, economic and legal) and interpreting, ETI offers training in terminology and computer assisted
    translation (CAT).