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References: Sport

Tennis, ball

CG’s customer base has continued to grow, diversify and strengthen since 1981. CG has lost few customers over the years.

CG has yet to work with all sports federations!

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  • Mouratoglou Tennis Academy
  • Centre National de Rugby
  • CNOSF (French Olympic and Sports Committee)
  • Consortium Stade de France
  • Eurosport
  • FFR
  • FFT
  • Havas Sport
  • Promogolf

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CG has been offering top quality translation and interpreting services since it was first set up in Versailles in 1981.

Whilst employing cutting edge translation technology for all the services it offers, CG operates on a human scale, fostering a customer-oriented culture, which means our team listens to customers and advises them.

Working closely with major institutions, French industry, the world of sport and the intellectual elite, CG prides itself on its capacity to build successful working relationships with all its customers and partners (translators, interpreters and summary writers), which CG believes is the cornerstone of its high quality service.

CG Traduction & Interprétation has been pursuing the same goal since 1981: to provide its customers with top-quality services and excellent value for money.CG boasts many references in all sectors: Aeronautics, Aerospace, Food and Drink, Car Manufacturers, Luxury Brands, and many more.

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