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Outstanding professional transcription

Do you need a transcription of a meeting? 

Do you need a transcription of conference proceedings? 

Transcription - rédacteurs professionnels

  • Do you need a transcription for a short meeting? Opt for a real-time transcription, or better still a stenographer.
  • Do you need a transcription for a longer meeting? Opt for a transcription of a recording:
    the discussions are recorded and then transcribed in an agreed time frame. 
  • Would you like to draw up a formal record of discussions? Opt for a debate summary: our summary writers transcribe the entire meeting before drafting a summary to retain the key points.
  • Do you need subtitling on a screen during your meeting? If so, CG can provide you with a veyboard-typer. 

CG provides:

  • Qualified writers
  • Mother tongue writers (English and French)
  • Proofread and corrected transcriptions
  • Transcriptions carried out within deadlines

At CG Traduction & Interprétation, all of our transcriptions and summaries are written with great care by professionals

They are corrected and proofread by our Quality Control Department.

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