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Are you a professional translator or interpreter?

CG Traduction & Interprétation is recruiting

CG works with freelancers

All of the work entrusted to CG by its customers is highly specialised, so we are always in need of high-quality translators, proofreaders and interpreters from all kinds of specialist backgrounds.

CG needs you to:

  • show real flair when translating into your mother tongue
  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your specialist areas
  • ensure 100% reliability with regards to your commitments, prices and deadlines
  • be willing to discuss any issues encountered openly

CG can provide you with:

  • a long-term working relationship
  • a qualified member of the CG team who is always on hand
  • a regular volume of work
  • prompt payment

If you would like to join CG’s team of translators, interpreters and/or summary writers, please provide us with your contact details below.