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CG interpreters

Two types of interpreters for two different situations:

Conference interpreters and translators/interpreters

Interprètes - Conférence

Conference interpreters

Conference interpreters have interpreting qualifications from prestigious universities and are interpreting professionals.

Their extensive general knowledge makes it possible for them to understand subjects quickly.


They have been trained to use interpreting equipment and interpret simultaneously.

The better the conference interpreters are, the easier it is for an audience to understand the subject and forget about the interpreter.

Some of the best conference interpreters are also trained to take notes while interpreting aloud – this is called consecutive interpreting.

With consecutive interpreting, speakers can forget about interpreters, who provide an interpretation while speakers pause.

For interpreting assignments lasting more than one hour, two interpreters take it in turns to interpret every 20 or 30 minutes on account of the high level of concentration required.

Conference interpreters do not split their days between different customers. They dedicate an entire day to one customer, regardless of how long the interpreting assignment lasts. The time involved in preparing the assignment is included in the cost per

CG interpreters are your partners and all prepare conferences carefully.



Translators/interpreters, or liaison interpreters, are translation professionals who occasionally practise interpreting. They specialise in specific fields and technical areas.

Liaison interpreters are used in more informal meetings and they interpret as and when each participant speaks.

Liaison interpreters work in more informal, less transparent and prestigious situations than conference interpreters.

While less weight is given to general knowledge, liaison interpreters boast in-depth knowledge in one or more specific areas of expertise. They can sometimes be the best choice, since they are translation professionals.

Liaison interpreters work alone and can split their days between customers.

Liaison interpreters are ready to step in and interpret throughout their assignment.

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