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Various kinds of interpreting

Interpreting- Definitions

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of specialist equipment (booths, headsets, transmitter, etc.). The interpreting takes place as the speaker gives their speech, with the delay between the speech and the interpreting averaging less than 5 seconds.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is by far the most complex form of interpreting. It is carried out in stages: the interpreter takes notes while the speaker delivers their message and every 10 minutes or so, the interpreter conveys what has been said.

Consecutive interpreting is only carried out by the best interpreters with outstanding general knowledge, specialist expertise and exceptional speaking skills.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreters work within the context of an appointment, a meeting or a visit. The interpreter is well-acquainted with the topic under discussion and possesses outstanding interpersonal skills to ensure successful interaction.


Simultaneous interpreting equipment

Conference equipment

  • The high-quality digital equipment we use at CG allows us to work in 16 languages.
  • We install the sound system and set up the booths, headsets and interpreter desks.
  • The service provided by CG includes transport and on-site technical assistance.
  • Our team visits the venues and checks the technical reliability of our equipment beforehand.

Portable equipment

  • A self-contained portable interpreting system recharges the headsets.
  • Each wireless transmitter works on 1 or 2 frequencies.
  • The perfect solution for short meetings involving up to 50 people.

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