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Transcription quality

There are numerous ways of drawing up meeting minutes and drafting conference proceedings.

Transcription quality - files

1. Recording discussions

For this, a summary writer goes on site to make the recording, ensuring it is usable and complete. They also make a note of the speakers’ names,
agenda and so on.

Drafting meeting minutes/conference proceedings

A second summary writer then writes in their mother tongue.

There are several options:

  • Summary writers can produce a verbatim transcription which retains everything that is said, word for word.
  • Summary writers can produce an expurgated version which omits repetitions and linguistic errors.
  • Summary writers can produce a summary which is more or less short.

Customers decide which option to take.

Summary writers in a nutshell

  • They have qualifications from a prestigious school
  • They only write in their mother tongue
  • They have impeccable spelling and a flair for language
  • They have an ability to analyse and summarise
  • They proofread their work carefully
  • Quality control process after writing
  • Transcriptions, like translation, should be proofread and corrected by a second person who reads through the text whilst listening
    to the recording, making corrections and changes as they go.

2. Drafting meeting minutes in real time

  • A team of summary writers works on site. While one member of the team takes notes, the other drafts the minutes which will be made available to the participants at the end of the meeting.
  • The summary writers then proofread each other’s work to ensure the quality of the minutes.

3. Stenography

Stenography is used instead of recording discussions.

Stenographers re-transcribe the content of the discussions in phonetic language.

The raw content is then reworked over the course of one or more weeks in order to be drafted in the target language, which is generally French or English.

The same quality control process is carried out after writing.


4. Veyboard-typing

Veyboard-typing, or speed-typing, is immediate. It can be used to show discussions on a screen as they unfurl.

Veyboard-typing can also be used for hearing-impaired people, since it enables them to take part in conferences.

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