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The four keys to a professional translation

A good translation bolsters a company’s image

Traductrice professionnelle

1. Translation is a profession

Being a translator involves more than being merely bilingual, or owning your own dictionary and computer.

Translators are required to understand the subtleties of the source text, render concepts as opposed to words and only translate into their mother tongue.


2. Translators are professionals

Professional translators meticulously arrange words, research terminology, understand the nuances of language, have a flair for language and boast outstanding spelling.

Thorough training and outstanding general knowledge are therefore vital.


3. Qualified and specialised experts

All of our translators are highly qualified graduates from universities or translation schools or specialists with engineering, health care or law backgrounds.

They only translate into their mother tongue.

4. A commitment to quality

CG and its translators work together in a spirit of mutual trust and respect, thereby ensuring high-quality service every time.

For CG, a good translator is an expert whom we have tested and value for their:

  • professional skills (tests, long-standing working relationship)
  • capacity to analyse customer needs and understand their company
  • ability to meet deadlines and CG’s stringent quality standards

Translation – our core business for 35 years

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