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General Conditions of Sale – Translation

1. Purpose

All translation services assigned to CG Traduction & Interprétation are subject to the acceptance of the following general conditions of sale, irrespective of the general conditions of any customer of CG Traduction & Interprétation that may differ from or be contrary to the present
conditions of sale. In this respect, the customer hereby explicitly agrees to waive his or her own general conditions and unconditionally accepts the following terms and conditions.

2. Prices

Prices only concern the translation of documents under normal conditions. They are given purely as an indication. In the event of difficulties arising from the poor written quality of the original text, hand-written texts, isolated passages, discontinuous texts, words without context,
tables, contents, nomenclatures, lists of spare parts, photo captions, maps and drawings or translations from magnetic tapes, a special rate increase of between 20 and 100% will be applied and integrated in the quote.

If the customer imposes a very short deadline, the normal prices will be increased according to the urgency of the translation, and integrated in the quote.

The translation of any document can only begin once the order form or signed quote has been received by CG Traduction & Interprétation.

3. Customer commitments

The printed or typed texts are sent by the customer on paper or in electronic format; any other format requires special processing. The texts will be provided together with any other information the customer considers relevant. When specific terminology must be used, the customer agrees
to provide the necessary glossaries, lexicons and/or reference texts.

The customer agrees to provide the texts for translation in a timely manner and not to make any modifications. The customer also agrees to answer any technical questions asked by CG Traduction & Interprétation.

4. Obligations of CG Traduction & Interprétation

CG Traduction & Interprétation agrees to entrust all translations it accepts to professionals. In compliance with contract law, the translation must be of merchantable quality and meet industry standards. CG Traduction & Interprétation guarantees the confidentiality of all documents
provided by the customer. CG Traduction & Interprétation will also carry out a quality control check and/or a revision of the translated document.

5. Payment terms

Prices are calculated on the basis of the number of words. A minimum invoice amount per language and per assignment is invoiced at the rate of €80.00 (excl. VAT). The net invoice amount will be paid in full upon receipt and without discount.

For any late payments, default interest at a rate of 1.5% per month will automatically be applied without any formal notice being required.

If the collection of any debt also requires the intervention of an authorised agent or the start of legal proceedings, the amount of this debt will be increased by 10% as a penalty clause and further increased by the amount of the costs incurred for either procedure.

For every first order and for amounts in excess of €2,500.00 (excl. VAT), a down payment of 50% will be made when the order is placed.

If an order is cancelled, the cancellation costs will be equal to the amount corresponding to the cost of the translation already performed.

6. Liability of CG Traduction & Interprétation

To be admissible, any disagreement regarding the quality or delivery of the translation work ordered by the customer, must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within 8 days of delivery of the translation work in question. In this respect, only the date of departure from the offices of CG Traduction & Interprétation will be taken into consideration.

No claims will necessarily justify the retention of all or part of the payment due. No indemnities can be claimed against CG Traduction & Interprétation.

CG Traduction & Interprétation’s responsibility is limited to the translation of documents and not their content. CG Traduction & Interprétation disclaims all responsibility for source texts that prevent a satisfactory translation from being produced or if deadlines cannot be met due to a case of force majeure.

The liability of CG Traduction & Interprétation is limited to the corresponding amount invoiced or to the total value of the contract.

7. Disputes

In the event of a dispute, the Commercial Court of Versailles has exclusive jurisdiction even if there are several defendants or third parties are brought in.