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Methodology and quality at CG Traduction & Interprétation

The quality control process involves ensuring translations are accurate and fit for purpose.

Translation quality

Documents such as web pages, contracts, brochures, speeches, working documents, press releases, calls for tender and technical specifications, each require a different linguistic approach.

At CG, our Quality Manager ensures all translations meet the AFNOR 15038 Standard 


He will make sure the document is analysed in the early stages and the translation is capitalised on at the end of the process.

  • In the early stages, they choose the most appropriate translator to translate into their mother tongue.
  • They provide the translator with existing translation memories.
  • They provide full support to the translator throughout the translation process.
  • They organise a proofreading team to ensure translation quality.
  • Any fine-tuning as regards content and form is carried out in close cooperation with the translator.
  • Terminology is checked using specialist dictionaries, customer glossaries, terminology databases and translation memories.
  • Lastly, they make sure all of your requirements have been met.

If deadlines are tight and you require an urgent translation, CG will clearly inform you if less or no time will be given to proofreading the translation in question.

If your text is going to be published, we provide you with the option of a final proofread by a mother tongue specialist in the subject area.

If your text is repetitive, translation memories can save time and money.

Our quality procedures are highly-demanding and time-consuming, but we will always meet your deadlines.

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