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Why is it important to use stenographers and veyboard-typers?

What is a stenographer?

Keyboard - stenographers and veyboard-typers

Stenographers transcribe on site using a series of phonetic symbols.

Computer-assisted transcription software helps record the text generated. It must then be proofread and corrected.

In instances requiring a final product to be delivered at the end of the session, stenographers are assisted by colleagues who carry out corrections in real time.

This technique is used to draft real-time press releases for some sports events, for instance.

Stenography can also be used for drafting meeting minutes from a recording.

What is a veyboard-typer?

Veyboard-typers use a syllabic system, instead of a phonetic one, which allows for a text to be transcribed in accurate French on a screen.

Veyboard-typing allows for the speech to be written whilst being spoken. It is used for subtitling live debates/discussions.

It is of great use to audiences with hearing-impaired people or in instances when the translation needs to appear on a screen in real time.

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