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Do you need a debate summary?

At CG, our summary writers can distil the content of your meeting in a format of your choosing.
You can also tell us how many pages of summary you would like.
Once it has been drafted, the summary is proofread by our in-house specialist. 

Transcription: summaries

You can choose from:

Standard summary:

We draft between 6 and 8 pages per hour of meeting

Brief summary:

We draft between 4 and 6 pages per hour of meeting

Thematic summary:

We draft a short summary of around 2 pages outlining the content of the meeting.

We provide these services on a regular basis in French and English.
We can also provide these services in other languages on request.

Furthermore, CG’s team of translators can translate summaries into all languages.


A few references:

  • PCA Group
  • Jardins de la Cité
  • And many more

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