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Transcription and summary writing: tips and pointers

CG Traduction & Interprétation has compiled a few tips and pointers to ensure that your transcription and summary writing is a success.

Transcription - tips and pointers

First of all, what exactly is a transcription?

Transcriptions can range from a word-for-word record to a summary of conference debates or a meeting.

Here are several tips and pointers to help you establish your requirements:

    1. What are you going to do with the transcription? Will it be archived or published? Who is your target audience for this piece of work?
    2. Take the time to read through the different kinds of transcription and summary writing to choose the service that is best suited to your target audience.
    3. Decide whether or not CG will record the debates for you. A good-quality, clear recording is vital.
    4. Compile an agenda and collect all conference-related information so that we have all the relevant information required to understand the debates.
    5. Provide us with a copy of the list of speakers and participants to ensure that their names are spelt correctly.
    6. It is helpful if the people involved in the event – the participants, in particular – give their name or introduce themselves before they speak.
    7. Specify the deadline for the transcription or piece of summary writing. 

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