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Translation quality

Translation quality

Translation quality hinges on several points:

1. The right translator for the job must first be chosen. They should translate into their mother tongue and be well acquainted with the subject area. They must be capable of carrying out terminology searches. Their commitments
should be honoured as part of a partnership with their customers, be they translation companies or direct customers. Lastly, they should proofread
their translation.

2.  Time is then needed. While we can deliver quality translations when time
is tight, it is always best to work under less stressful conditions. Furthermore, being able to anticipate a translation request means the best translator for the job can be found. When time is of the essence, it is not always possible to allocate the translation to the preferred

3. Lastly, if you send us translations on a regular basis, it is important to develop loyalty with the teams as their translations will improve over time.

4. Lastly, when using a translation service regularly, it is important to build the loyalty of translators as the quality of their work will improve with time.

5. It is important to underline the fact that translation comes at a price. Low-cost
translations are synonymous with less stringent processes and inferior quality. Since written words remain, perhaps it is best not to translate a text rather than translate it badly. In other words, if the quality of the translation does not matter, why pay even a small amount for it?

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