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Which mode of interpretation to choose ?


  1. Interpret simultaneously is to translate an oral discourse without interrupting the speaker.
  • This technique can be learned during a specialized course for 4 or 5 years, also devoted to the acquisition of a large general culture.
  • The interpreter can work in a Soundproof cabin: It listens to the speaker and simultaneously transmits the message to listeners thanks to its headset.
  • The cabin can be replaced by a portable “& nbsp; bidules </ strong>” (transmitter and receivers) – more economical – but strictly dedicated to shorter meetings.
  1. In a whispered interpretation </ strong>, the interpreter places himself next to the participant (or maximum 2 or 3 participants) and whispers the translation in a low voice, with or without material. This method is reserved for small meetings.
  1. In consecutive interpretation </ strong>, the interpreter takes notes and rephrases the speech in the target language, aloud. This technique is more demanding than simultaneous translation because it requires spirit of synthesis and speaker qualities.
  1. The less complex interpretation is the so-called binding interpretation </ strong> which ensures a link, technical or otherwise, between two or three people, translating more or less sentence to sentence, their exchanges.

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