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The pitfalls of translation The pitfalls of moving from one language to another are multiple.



  1. Two-way words </ strong> that may compromise credibility.

I remember having declaimed to English colleagues « I am available ! » To share his work with me but « I am available » Also means « I’m free » … Laughter guaranteed by a 25-year-old woman

  1. The idiomatic expressions Which must be transposed and not translated. « This is another pair of sleeves » becomes «  this is another kettle of fish » in English
  1. The cultural context </ strong>: Some concepts are untranslatable because they have no equivalent in the target language. How to translate « general culture » in English ? Explain the general culture or invent a translation (solid knowledge base?) ?
  1. A use </ strong> different from words : example of a translation into impeccable French found in a bar of a northern country. « It is forbidden for women to have children at the bar » …
  1. false friends – </ strong>An ongoing case does not result in “an existing affair” because “affair” in English is a love affair

There are many opportunities to make people laugh, to lose credibility and even to create serious problems (in a legal framework, for example) if no Professional translation And especially if one ventures to translate into a language other than his mother tongue.

It is not a matter of “doing Shakespeare” as some clients sometimes specify 🙂 but simply to translate well in a clear and understandable language.

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