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By way of a reminder, conference interpreters have been trained in all forms of interpreting, both simultaneous and consecutive–and to the highest level too.  Liaison interpreters are professional translators who interpret now and again.

Let’s also remember that even though translation and interpreting are two disciplines which provide a means of moving from one language to another, they are completely different professions.

Conference interpreters are able to work:

  • In booths for conferences requiring simultaneous interpreting
  • With portable interpreting equipment in meetings of all kinds
  • In all situations which require a world-class company or country to be represented
  • In all situations of significant strategic importance
  • In front of an audience, interpreting a speaker out loud

Liaison interpreters are able to:

  • Work for their translation customers as part of small meetings
  • Support a group during a factory tour, dinner or reception event
  • Facilitate negotiations between two partners
  • Provide assistance to private individuals within the context of labour relations
  • Provide assistance in a legal context (certified translators)

With 30 years of experience, CG is able to guide you and provide you with the right interpreters to suit your needs and budget.

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