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It should be remembered that the translation is not regulated in certain countries, including France – and that anyone can self-declare himself a translator.

It is necessary to carefully recruit his translation partner without forgetting that the skills of a professional translator who has studied four or five years post-bac must be valued.


The basic rules

  • The translation is charged to the source word and in France to the French word. The “& nbsp; statistics & nbsp;” tool in Word lets you know the number of words to translate. & Nbsp; If the translation is to be translated into French, the source language will be abundant with a coefficient (1.25 spell for English – 1000 English words equals 1250 French words)
  • The translator translates into his mother tongue. Obviously, the subtleties of a foreign language are never as well known. & Nbsp; Let’s think back to “& nbsp; Sky my Husband” (sky & nbsp;! My husband) to understand the pitfalls encountered by the amateur translator.
  • The translator mastered the technique to be translated & nbsp ;: a lawyer will not translate a medical text.
  • If the text is to be published or printed, editorial quality must be present.
  • A translator translates 2000 to 2500 words a day (about ten pages)


Importance of external proofreading

The translator – even excellent – is not immune from a mistake or forgetfulness & nbsp; because it is impregnated with his text that he ends up not really reading.

We have often experienced this at CG Traduction & amp; Interpretation: an elementary mistake in a 10-word translation or the misinterpretation of an ambiguous sentence.

Billing Elements

  • The number of French words (source or expanded)
  • Proofreading by a third party (+10 to 20%)
  • Specific competence (+10 to 20%)
  • Expert proofreading (+10 to 20%)
  • The emergency (+ 20%)

Example :

  • Translation of 1000 words in English translated by the translator & nbsp ;: 130 € HT
  • Translation of 1000 French words in English re-read by a third party: 160 € ex.
  • Translation legal Of 1000 French words in English re-read by a third party: 180 € HT
  • Translation legal Of 1000 words French in English read by a third party & nbsp; & nbsp; and by an expert & nbsp ;: 216 € HT
  • Translation legal Of 1000 French words in English read by a third party & nbsp; carried out urgently * & nbsp ;: 259 € HT

*Emergency starts beyond 200 words / hour … if no other translations & nbsp;!

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